Tell a Tail Dog Training

K9 Nose Work Training in Livermore, CA

Stephanie Jones, CNWI

Stephanie Jones has loved animals her entire life. As a child growing up in a small town in Maryland, she would bring home stray dogs, turtles, frogs, and orphaned or injured rabbits. She especially loved spending time with and training the family dogs.

It was with her current canine, Wilbur, that she discovered the sport of nose work. Initially, she never considered competing, however, she soon became hooked on the absolute joy that the sport brought to her and her dog. After retiring from a career in marketing, she decided to turn her passion into a second career as a K9 Nose Work® instructor and is now a certified instructor. Team Wilbur earned their “NW3 Elite” title in May 2019. Wilbur at age 13, is retired from competition, but still enjoys Nose Work.