K9 Nose Work Training in Livermore, CA

Mary Beth Davis, ANWI

Mary Beth Davis started training her dog Ripley in obedience, agility and as a therapy dog in 2015.  In early 2021, when her dog’s vision became too poor to safely compete in agility, she learned about canine nosework.  While she and Ripley enjoyed their previous activities, it was quickly clear that Canine Nosework tapped into a place of sheer joy for both of them.  Ripley transformed from a dog that willingly did what was requested, to a dog that was enthusiastic and clamoring to work for odor.  They have been hooked ever since.

After many years in a senior manager role in the financial services industry, Mary Beth elected to follow her heart by leaving that industry and becoming a nosework instructor.  She gets great joy from watching new dog and handler teams develop their skills and gain enthusiasm for the sport.