K9 Nose Work Training in Livermore, CA

Location,What to Bring, and Other Details

Location: 5099 Preston Ave, Livermore, CA

Parking/Crating: When you get to class, please park in the parking lot or along Preston Avenue .  Please plan on crating or securing your dog in/next to your vehicle. 

Potty Areas: Please potty your dog in the planting area near the front door (but not along the sidewalk directly by the front door) or in the large empty field across the road or on the access road next to the building.  Do not potty your dog in the grass areas around the buildings or the planting areas in front of the neighbors. Please pick up after your dog as well!

What to bring – ongoing students: All your usual nose work gear and stuff for your dog 🙂

What to bring – new to nose work: Water for you and your dog, Tasty treats and/or a favorite toy, a leash (10 foot to start with), a bait bag or somewhere you can easily access your treats, a flat collar or harness for your dog.

Dogs should not interact with each other. Please keep your dog at a distance from other dogs.

Dogs will be working one at a time and your dog will need to be secured in your vehicle when it is not his turn.