Tell a Tail Dog Training

K9 Nose Work Training in Livermore, CA

Deirdre McGrath, CNWI

Deirdre McGrath has been around dogs since she could walk.  However, her brother’s short-hair pointer, Victoria, was the one really wormed her way into Deirdre’s heart and a left lasting impression while Deirdre was earning her biology degree at Cal Poly, Pomona. After college, Deirdre joined Peace Corps volunteers in Tonga, worked as an Agricultural Inspector and then graduated from Loyola Law School. She went on to practice law with three different counties and their retirement systems.

During her working career, Deirdre had four dogs, Chad (Rhodesian Ridgeback-deceased), Justice (Border Collie-deceased), Karma (Rhodesian Ridgeback-deceased) and Zip (Chi Mix- 11ish).  Deirdre spent her free time learning to understand dog behavior and train her dogs. She  competed in agility with Justice for 8 years; and with Chad and Zip, albeit briefly.

In 2013, Deirdre discovered canine nosework as an alternative sport for Zip.  Zip loved putting his nose to work sniffing in this sport! Deirdre loved the challenge of learning to handle him and read his behaviors! Zip has since earned his Elite 3 title and is still competing. Justice insisted on joining them during his senior years and earned his NW2 title before he died. In 2019, Deirdre adopted Jasper and he has been doing nosework since his puppy days. He has earned his NW2 title to date.

After practicing law for over 30 years, Deirdre “retired”.  Not willing to sit still, she decided to put all the knowledge and education she gained in attending nosework classes, seminars, conferences and trialing to use.  She became a Certified Nosework Instructor in 2021 to share the fun and enjoyment of this team sport with others.