Livermore Group Class Registration Form

For an electronic or hard copy of this form, please contact me at: or (925)371-8142

K9 Nose Work Classes

Intro to K9 Nose Work
($150 for new students, $130 for returning students)

  • TBD

  • Intro to Odor
    ($130 - must have taken Intro to K9 Nose Work with Tell a Tail or have pre-approval)

  • TBD

  • Continuing ($130 for 6 weeks - must have instructor approval)

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    Dog's Name:
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    Breed or mix of breeds:

    Male/Female: Male Female
    Spayed/Neutered?: Yes No

    Will your dog have received one DHLPP shot by the first day of class?: Yes No
    (You will need to provide a copy of your vaccination record on the 1st day of class)

    When did you acquire your dog?:
    Where did you acquire your dog (for example: rescue, breeder, etc)?:

    How does your dog react to strangers?
    How does your dog react to other dogs?

    Why are you interested in K9 Nose Work classes (for example: sounds like fun, my dog needs a job, my dog is shy, I'm interested in competing, etc) :

    Has your dog ever bitten?: Yes No
    If yes, please explain:

    Will you be paying by check or paypal?: Check Paypal

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